Roar and the service we provide

Our aim is to be your Number one guide to everything, from everywhere!

Roar as a company is broken down into two platforms for your users experience. We provide RoarApp which is available to download in the AppStores and we provide Travel Guides, Venue review, Travel Brand discounts and offers.

RoarApps objective is to be able to guide you to everything, from everywhere - where ever you are in the world. RoarApp has many features, starting with its data that lists all the nearest and most relevant venues from your current location, Roar allows you to create plans (like an Itinerary) from as many venues you want, and have the ability to share those plans with your friends or family. 

We provide you with a free in app chat service, that will work between android and IOS phones so as long as you have wifi or mobile data, you have connections to whom ever, where ever. 

Our Apps Find my friends feature lets you share your location with your friends or family and enables your safety notifications within your selected group. These safety notifications alert your group if RoarApp picks up on unusual activity of an individual within the selected groups radius. 

Roar App venues include: Bars, Clubs, Places to eat, Shopping, Parking, Landmarks, Gyms, Airports, Bus Stations, Hotels, Galleries, Museums, Libraries, Cinemas, Skiing, Markets, Beaches, Parks, Rentals, Hostels, B&Bs, Stadiums, Swimming, Medical.

Find the right bar or restaurant

We are in the business of helping you have a great night. Finding the right bar, at the right time of night, can be a waste of time and money. The RoarApp covers all the clubs, restaurants and bars in the UK - we do all the leg work so you don't have to.

Fast, Easy and Safe

Save your favourites

You can follow bars, clubs and venues to get VIP info on special offers or events. We won't spam you - we'll only send you the info you need to have a great night.

Share your plans

You can share, with your friends, your plans for the night. Meet your friends in that favourite bar - after you have had dinner at your favourite eating spot. Share your itineraries and even find your friends for convenience or safety.

Plan your night out

No better App to plan your night out in a Town or City you don't know