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What to Do in Ibiza

Maddy Faulkner by Maddy Faulkner

Monday, 24th September 2018

What to Do in Ibiza

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For the next few blog posts, we’re taking a look at Ibiza, one of the most popular and scenic of the Balearic Islands.

It’s gained a reputation for being synonymous with drinking and clubbing - however, there is much, much more to this beautiful island. We’re making it our mission to show you that there is more to the White Isle than simply partying.

First up, we’re looking at what there is to do on the island. Although small, it’s got plenty to offer.

Find your zen

The island is renowned for its extensive wellbeing scene. A soulful, hippy vibe welcomes those wishing to visit the island to switch off, forget their everyday troubles and become at one with nature and their surroundings.

Holistic yoga retreats, mindfulness and meditation courses are offered in various places dotted around the island. Although a far cry from the famous clubbing scene, a yoga retreat is perfect for feeling fitter, healthier and more relaxed.

Yogarosa retreats in the north of the island are set amongst a pine forest and guests stay in a traditional whitewashed house. As well as plenty of space for meditation and a swimming pool, attentive staff care to guests’ every need. The retreat focuses on good nutrition, being close to nature and practising daily yoga for a clearer mind.

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For a different view of the island, charter a boat and navigate the island’s incredibly varied coastline. Spend the day serenely bobbing about Ibiza’s clear blue waters and explore hidden coves. Take a picnic and pack a bottle of wine, lazily lounge about and top up that all-important tan.

Those seeking to explore further afield may wish to take the 40 minute ferry over to Formentera, a small island dangling just off the south of the island. A laid-back vibe awaits guests; simply lie on the beach, eat fine food and drink excellent wine all day long.

Explore the crystalline seas and powder-white sandy beaches along the coast. Here, the beaches are amongst the best in the world and they even attract visitors from all over the globe.

If you’re feeling active, pack your hiking boots and grab a map. Get lost amongst Ibiza’s unobscured landscape and marvel at the sheer beauty of the island. Alternatively, join an organised tour and allow yourself to guided through the lush forests and visit coves otherwise off the usual tourist trails.

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Shop ‘til you drop

It’s no surprise that a place filled with creatives and free spirits offer some of the best artisan markets in Europe. There are many around the island, each with their own individual character.

Held every Saturday since 1985, Las Dalias Hippy Market is probably the most famous of all Ibizan markets. Street stalls offer a huge range of artisan products, from personalised jewellery to boho clothing. However, a visit here is not just a shopping experience, as storytelling, live music and performances grace the streets, making it an unforgettable day out.


Explore Dalt Villa in Ibiza’s old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site rich in culture. Walk up the steep slope and across the drawbridge to the preserved castle and lose yourself in the labyrinth of cobbled alleyways. You’re guaranteed to get snap happy!

Dalt Villa also houses the Museum of Contemporary Art, a magnificent building showcasing a newer Ibizan style of art. Local and internationally-renowned artists exhibit here alongside the permanent collection.

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